How long should i dawdle between sets?

doing 12 reps of 80 pounds 4 sets how long should i brake between sets?

Depends what you are trying to accomplish. For endurance you should hang about 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets. If you are going for size after wait 10 to 15 second. The lower rest period will promote more micro tears within the muscle fibers being address. As these heal your result will be greater muscle mass. Read the hottest articles in Muscle & Fitness magazine. Some of the kinestetic research is surprising.
60 - 90seconds
regardeless of the mass, five full minutes is how long it takes for close by full strength replenishment. however, many relatives find that after this much time, they tend to stiffen up. stretching will help that. the hang about time can also be a lot, so I tend to work lighter sets of a different excercise contained by between.. such as doing 50 situps or so between benching sets.

at least, that's what I do to maximise strength training. beneath normal circumstances however, a minute or two of rest is satisfactory. hope this helps.

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