21 Pounds within 21 Days- purification diet. does it work?

it's some diet that cleans out your system by drinking veggies every 2 hours or something for 21 days...or 7 days, 4 times a year.
I've seen the author of the book on The View and she be talking just about the diet. is it healthy? does it work?

google detox it is the best entity for your body. Not only will you 100% lose mass detoxing you will clean out your system which within turn will make you improved. No doubt will it be hard to stay away from solids and yes if you dance back to your hoary eating customs afterwards you will gain back the bulk. But if you have a bloated stomach when you lie back flat on your back and/or if your bowels come out contained by pieces instead of a long bowel. Your body is telling you it is (for lackof a better term) stopped up and desires to be flushed. Definetly having your colon cleaned along next to detoxing is better than detoxing alone although just detoxing will shed the pounds and filch away sluggish bodies, mood swings, headaches, definetly will mke you surface like a exotic person. Go to the bookstore and thieve apeek at that book I was hooked until that time I had read it and after reading it I have a whole investigational appreciation for my body!!
Body cleanses are a fancy way of truism "clean out your colon". They don't work and even if they did, it doesn't closing.
Waste of money!! As long as you are eating right, your colon already cleanses with ease!
i totally believe in them. me and my dad are doing one surrounded by august. it a purification or detox diet.

there are like mad of different versions of it. because it would be impossible for me to drink merely vegetable juice for 21 days. That is rather too extreme for me. So what we do is limit ourselves to ingestion only: fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, and once a daytime some oats/brown rice/quinoa (Some whole grain) and impede ourselves to 4oz of meat every other day.

its sturdy. sometimes as you release toxins you will feel sick-ish, but after some days you will grain great.

only drink dampen and tea (but i drink coffee too!)

excercise and meditate or/and pray.

However, you will feel better if you do this for your strength and spiritual wealth than if you are motivated by selfishness. dont do it to lose weight. do it to clease yourself! i construe you will have more stodgy results in the finish. good lcuk!
I've done the california/movie star diet where on earth you drink only juice for 2 or 3 days....it's like liquid in a bottle that you mix next to water.
anyway I lost similar to 7 pounds in three days, but be so hungry I could have eat your arms off..as soon as I ate anything solid, I gain the seven pounds back plus more...
discouraging weigh <<<(pun intended) to go.

I Know This Isn't Exactly What You Asked But....Good Luck In doesn`t matter what you decide to try.

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