Abs Help Plz???

I am 5'4 and weigh 125, i have for a time fat on me,when i suck my stomach surrounded by, i could feel my abs ,but i want to lose some mass so my abs can be visible,could someone plz communicate me what excercises should i do for my abs, and how could i lose weight nippy,,with some excercise,at home ,not within a gym,i got a bike and a treadmill,, plz give a hand me,gimme some excercises,by tha way im a boy

The Treadmill May Work. Try Doing Sit Ups And Crunches You Get Them In No Time
Get an exercise orb, they are the best "at home" ab exercise you can to. Not to mention there are variation for core exercise, love handles, etc. It also comes beside a book to show you what to do. You can get these really cheap presently too.

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