Im thinner but i enjoy gain consignment whats wrong next to me?

ok i have be working out and doing alot of cardio lately
i have gain weight but i look thinner
i hav not gotten taller at adjectives so whats wrong with me?

Simple. Muscle weigh more than fat, so you probably get leaner but weigh a little more.
might be muscle that u hold gained
Muscle weigh more than fat. Yor simply burning OFF the doomed to failure stuff and putting on the Good stuff which not only looks better but in truth weighs more..Nothing is wrong, everything is RIGHT!!
Err perchance you have more muscle...muscle weigh more than fat so you've probably lost the round and replace it with muscle
Nothing is "wrong". You are well again and in better shape and hold more muscle than you did when you started out. That's all. Good living.

That's what diet and exercise are all roughly speaking. Not obsessing something like some idiotic number on a ascend.
The weight is from muscle tot. You're doing good.
You've probably gain a lot of muscle mass, which weights MORE than cooking oil. The reason why you look thinner is that you've lost cooking oil.
You're toning muscle and building it too. Muscle is denser than fat so have more weight to an inch than flabby does. You may see changes on the size later but due to the exercise, you're seeing change in size first. Good brief! Congrats.
nothing is wrong near you everything is just right!you've gain muscle and lost fat...since muscle weigh more than fat you hold just lost the heavy and replaced it with muscle so you weigh more but are much in good health and look thinner.
Not sure, but I am truely blown away by the idiotic comments everyone above me as said "muscle weigh more than fat, for this reason you have gain muscle."

That is so by far erroneous it makes me sick. If take a lot of calories, protein, and intense cargo lifting to add muscle mass as and AT MOST IT IS 1-2 POUNDS A MONTH. Got that prior posters. Maybe you ingested lots of marine and thus it is water immensity. You're probably just growing...nought to worry almost.

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