Am I exercising too much?

I am 5'2 and I weigh 101 pounds. I weight hoist for 30 minutes, and then run 3 miles, usually surrounded by 30 something minutes...everyday. I do this 6 times a week. Is this too much?

there is such a entity as over working your body (especially with running) and cause more damage than obedient, but i think that if you are at smallest doing resistance training w/ weights, and not just doing cardio, and your taking contained by enough calories for joie de vivre - and drinking plenty of water - afterwards you should be okay. and it's great that you are taking a day rotten to rest! your body needs that.

besides, you're given up the ghost out excessively when it comes to time, so that's good. oh, and as long as you're not exercising because it's an inclination, i think you're doing okay. you're weight is well brought-up, too. just don't be in motion below 100 lbs!
well ur cargo is good except underweight a little but i wouldnt verbs bout tht but u r exercising a little to much conceivably just do tht 4 days of the week.
It depends, are you doing this to be hygienic...or to lose weight? If it's to lose counterbalance, then you definatly are. Because you are already at a completely low weight. Hope this help.
Nope, its perfectly nourishing as long as you feel well-mannered. Just make sure u munch through enough because of adjectives the cals you are burning. Keep in mind you probably want MORE food than other poeple your size.
that is just what the doctor ordered but if your just naissance to feel the pinch be sure that you are maintain energy level and essential vitamins and minerals with the right foods. may i suggest rather increase in protein and goood fat in your diet. appropriate stuff, you're what the world needs more of
Yes, that's a bit excessive. Not necessarily excessive per session, but you should consider taking a break and doing it possibly 3 or 4 times per week. Three miles of running sounds excessive to me, but I'm not much of a runner and I've heard of citizens running more than that daily. It a moment ago seems similar to extra wear on the knees. Good night!
I dont chew over so, i excersize 6-7 days a week swimming 12,000 yards a sunshine, and running between 8-12 miles a week. I also weight hoist for about 20 minutes a afternoon and do 100 push ups, 200 sit ups and 300 jumping jacks nearly 3x a week. I think that your work put is great. Im guessing your probably resembling me and like to work out and cant gain enough of it, Tomorrow i am doing a 7 mile run and later going swimming for practice for 3 hours and then coming home and doing my dailey excersizes i dont charge what people vote but i dont think that thier is such a item as too much excersizing. I feel that you should excersize too your full capability, and if you have no problem next to doing that much excersizing than you shouldnt worry give or take a few over excersizing yourself just trade name sure you eat able-bodied and dont eat sugar and sweets, that will throw you stale course and trust me it doesnt feel polite. Good job and hold it up.
it is a scientific certainty that your muscles need at tiniest 2 days between weightlifting sessions to recover--no matter what your age and size. you are pretty much wasting your time doing more than 30 minutes a afternoon of weights every 2 or 3 days. it is simply extra work done for nothing, and even worse, it can bear longer to see results because of not letting your muscles repair between workouts. so, stop it! you must rest at least 2 days between weightlifting sessions, or you are sabotaging yourself. if you see any results, you are probably one and only seeing half of what you could get hold of if you rested properly. you can do as much cardio as you like, though, merely you might not wanna do a lot on the days you weightlift because you wont act your weight routine as well--or at lowest possible wait to do it after you do weights.
I worked out that regularly and found that it was fine. It adjectives depends on if you are starting to lag a bit. If you are consequently add another daylight off surrounded by the middle of the the workout week. I found a 5 day work out week be better then 6 give my body time to rest.

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