Am I overweight?!?

I'm 5'5" and 126 lbs. I feel so cooking oil and gross. Am I fat?

Well try excercising, drinking less fattie foods, logically u can treat urself once a while but reduce it, hurry in the mornings & evenings, trust me u surface so much good, not simply pshycalyl but mentally aswlel & the results are there extraordinarily quickly, look at these runners surrounded by sports, i.e 200 Metere, 500 1000 etc, look how slim they r, its cuz they job, not aphorism u have to run long but simply 20 mins or 15 mins mornings & evenings, u b fine.
you arent fat you are common, just do crunches and cardio if you want to tone up though. Complaining is flowing, get out surrounded by the real world and do something roughly speaking it if you dont like the road you look, you dont need to diet or anything basically exercise more.
no! youre healthy.. conceivably you feel stout because you need toned, not to lose mass
No. Id like to be youre wieght! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
I'm 5'5", and I WISH I could be 126 lbs, but I a short time ago don't have the bone structure. Trust me, you're NOT hefty. Don't be intimidated by the little Asian girls who can wear a size zero.
No you are not excess weight. That is a normal substance for someone your height.If you get the impression fat consequently maybe you should do some toning excercises and cardio
You are not podginess and it's time you started to feel devout about yourself! Find a psychiatric therapist! It will help. Good luck!
Fat is a state of mind... it doesn't concern what you weigh.. if you think your flabby nothing and nobody can correction that.

(and no, your not)
im 5'6" and im 135
no youre nottt fat youre approaching perfect lol
you should lose some pounds i be 5'5 and 125 lbs about 2 months ago and i started skateboarding and doing crunches evry sunshine and now im at 117 lbs

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