Am i acting crazy or what??

ok well sometimes i perceive great about my bulk and walk up and down the hallway in my house approaching i am such a model.. then other times i look at myself and get the impression.. just lubricant.. and i hate it.. sometime i try to be healthy and start excercising and drinking right to try to stick with it.. but afterwards then subsequent day i munch through wateva i want and forget the workouts... i feel so insecure just about my body and actually the simply thing that sets me rotten is my hips.. i know its comoon in women to havebig hips but seriously i want to fit backbone in my jeans that i simply wore about 4 times ultimate year! LAST YEAR!! i dont wanna gain weight but later i eat watever i want or see!! i really want to put my principal staright and focus!! any tips about this and any workouts to lose ur waist? THNXS

omg...omg... its approaching we are sisters separated at birth or something i have impossible to tell apart problem i weigh like132 and 5'5 but 13. i think i am huge because i use to be bigger than adjectives my friends but dont sweat over it i wear like a size 9 surrounded by pants thats because of my thighs and hips of late do crunches each time and run and ride your bike eat doesn`t matter what but watch how much you devour of it right down how you feel when you work out contained by a journal and read it formerly you go to be and when you stir up read it again before you know it you will lose cargo hay e-mail me its okay
how much do u weigh?


your not lubricant.. you could shoot for under 120 though.. guys close to skinny women.. post a picture and we can tell better..
The easiest item to do is start walking. Walk to school, waddle to the shops, walk to the park near your little neice - do anything, but walk. Don't use buses or cars unless you undeniably have to (e.g if you're going on long distances).
This will serve you burn calories everywhere you go and you won't enjoy to worry around your weight.
Damn!! I lost interest contained by the problem halfway though the give somebody the third degree!! Short, and pithy! Short and pithy!
Run a mile every day and stop worrying just about your weight. Whether you are overweight are not the running will construct you healthier.
And in the region of your jeans... Teenagers grow out of clothes everyday. Don't worry in the region of it.

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