Are mixed nuts fitting on a diet?

It contains:
Brazil nuts
and pecans!

I think near baked in canola grease, peanut oil and cottonseed grease and some salt!
Thats what is say on the ingredients!!

20 nuts= 180 calories, fat 15g, sit fat 2g, sodium 110g, 5 protein, and 6 carbs!

So is ingestion about 35 nuts a light of day good or impossible?

Answers:    nuts are generally biddable for you, but when they're packed resembling this not so much. I don't usually take surrounded by more than 15 grams of fat contained by one day, and that amount of sodium can gross you retain water, which contained by term lead to weight gain. I would budge to the natural foods unit of your grocery store and buy the raw nuts contained by bulk, much healthier.

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