After exercising, how heaps mins./hr(s) should i rest past i bear a hip bath?

after exercising, how many mins./hr(s) should i rest previously i take a hip bath? and when is the best time of a day to exercise? surrounded by the morning or at the end of the light of day?

i dont think it matter when you shower/bath. the warm wet should relax and somewhat massage your body, which is a right thing. i would assume its similar to stretching after a workout, which tons people recommend. i usually excercise contained by late afternoon when im awake and my body is stretched from doesn`t matter what ive been doing adjectives day, but it adjectives depends on what works best for you and your schedule.
i infer taking a nice cool shower after a workout is refreshing and i workout like within the morning cause next i know that i wont put it till the end of the sunshine and not do it at all
hope i help

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