Am I overweight?

I am 12 years old, roughly 5'4 and weigh 111 lbs.

no, you are perfect. don't ever tolerate negative self photo take over. you will ALWAYS be exactly as you see yourself and believe yourself to be.
nope, faultless, Im 13, 5 foot 4 and 120 and im a little chubby so, nearby ya go.
Definitely NOT !!
Not at adjectives! According to Prevention Magazine, you should weigh exactly 111-147!! Good for you! :)
Well, I've got a graph on on top form weights from Kaiser Hospital, and it says that anything lower after 120 for MOST average heights is UNDERWEIGHT.

So, my suggestion is keep away from cast-offs foods, especially those horrible, calorie laden Starbucks drinks, and I meditate you'll grow up healthy.
If you avoid excess sugar and win plenty of exercise, you should be good.
You are doing only fine. As long as you stay on a healthy diet you will not store excess hefty and develop quite typically.
You can read this article to understand if you are overweight or not, after you decide whether you are overweight:
Absolutely not! I be 5'5 and weighed 113 when I be in 8th level! No way! Who is recitation you that you are overweight? That should be the least of your worries! Be a kid and delight in yourself because one day you'll be 49-years-old resembling I am and finding yourself wishing you be a kid again! YOU ARE NOT OVERWEIGHT! Kapeesh!? ^~^
No freakin' way!


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