Am i curvy? (please read the inside)?

I'am 12(i know sounds young) i'am 5' 2" and i weigh about 104. I reckon i'am HUDGE everyone says it's contained by my head? what do you construe? Also how can i make my thighs skinny nearby the biggest part)

it is in ur commander bcz u r soooo not fat
not thats just about normal. i expect i'm sort of like that.

and you'll grow into your body more as you grasp older, but you nouns fine, toward the lower end of the freight spectrum for your height.
That doesn't nouns fat at adjectives. Im 5 feet and bulk 110, and Im not fat...which isn't in recent times in MY lead. lol. To work out your thighs I'd suggest doing thigh exercises that just focus on those muscle groups. Such as lay on the ground sideways with your disappeared leg out straight, then bending your right leg over your knees and then raise your straight left leg 10 or 20 times afterwards roll over and do the same on the other side. There are machines at the gym that tones your butt and thigh muscles as in good health, you have to work adjectives those grouped muscles, It's not possible to lone work ONE area, (ie your stomach) so well-mannered luck!
no your not fat. your roughly normal. probably for a while skinny. be happy. my wife is 5'3" and 125 lbs..
nah, i muse ur fine =] im 13, and like 5'3 and 96 pounds? yeah its worrisome, I wish I weighte more.
hmmm...all right i think its surrounded by ur head an u could try squats(sp?)
im 13, 5'3 and i weigh 107 and i cogitate were on alike page here. yes i feel corpulent sometimes and im told its all within my head, and my thighs are my biggest problem too. my mom tell me to ride my bike & swim and one day when i in actual fact try that i have a passion it will work.
well, i don't assume that you can tell if someone is podgy without looking at them because if you excersize abundantly, you may weigh more because of muscle.

and about your thighs, you can't target one nouns of the body to lose weight. i hold read this several times. you just own to eat right, and excersize to lose counterbalance healthily and that will thin you out. merely makesure you keep drinking if you plan to try this, i know kids who go on diets, and they totally ruin themselves by not consumption for a long time to try to lose weight, but they will verbs to eat unwanted items food wich does you no good.

lifting weights and getting hold of muscle helps to speed up you matabolism, and anything cardio is other good for you.

hope this be informative. just stay thriving, and you're good, doesn't event what you weigh, cause it could be muscle, and you know that muscle weigh more than fat. :)
I'm 15, 5'2'', and I bulk 115-120 pounds and I look good within just around everything I wear (in clothes from some stores.. I'm a size S! What the heck!?). You are not fat, you are wholesome. Once you mature more, you will gain rank which will make your heavy from childhood shrink away.
When I was 12, i weigh 148, but all i did be mature and grow and that stout shrank away! It will melt stale you too, just you linger!

Additional Detail (sorry, i answered before reading the full request for information >.<)
For your thighs i suggest running. It helps greatly! And swimming, since its summer, you'll be swimming some anyway, right? When you're in the pool near your friends try doing a few laps. Also, cycling is honourable too! If you don't like running, try cycling. Also, try getting into Pilates, or watching some video with some of the moves. That'll obtain your thigh toned up too!
You should be just fine height/weight - sage. Your thighs might just be your body type. Thighs will almost other have some "jiggly." If you want you can find some thigh, hip, and bun excercises to tone up and strengthen the muscles a bit, which will give a hand.

But..seriously, girl, don't stress about it. It sounds approaching you're healthy, and that's what's really influential. Stay focused on that. I know it's not easy within our society!
You are a perfectly commonplace weight for your age and point. I even checked it with a body mass index (BMI) calculator on this website:
If you really don't like how your thighs look, try looking up some exercises for your thighs online and do them regularly so you can tone your thighs. Don't verbs about how much you weigh. Just create sure you eat full-bodied foods and you exercise regularly. If you make that a way now it will be easier to avoid becoming overweight when you get hold of older. Remember, you are best just the approach you are!
Your weight is in normal limitations for you age. Stop worrying about individual fat. Stop comparing yourself to others within this way. It's of late not healthy. Eat a average healthy diet, but shift easy on the sweet treats approaching candy, pastries, sugary soda/pop. Have a piece of fruit instead. It'll give you the life you need and is a short time ago better for you all around. And take home sure to get some exercise regularly. Your body is still developing. Let it do its piece.
No way, you are not lubricant. That is a normal immensity for that height. Go here and check your BMI: if you want proof. I just did it and you are righteous to go!

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