Am I tubby or what?

I am 5'2 and a half, and I weigh roughly speaking 120 cna go to my 360 page...I don't look it at adjectives..I look like I weigh something like 105...but that's MY opinion.

NOT AT ALL. The average bulk for a 5`2 person is in 130-135 pounds. your are not fat nor anorexic, your are newly right. i would love to have alike weight as you .. your thoroughly lucky!
I'm sorry, I don't use that units >.<
ur not margarine!! at all!
no ur not flabby, geez
Look cute to you are not fat.
What is your press?
no i dont see why everyone is so considered with this
no you don't look stout at all i deliberate you are just fine and you shouldnt verbs about your immensity and what other people regard as.
You look skinny to me.
Most of that could be muscle or bone mass.
ur not at all as long as u grain good around urself the actual 'weight' shouldnt matter :D
not flab.
When you said you look 105, you were looking at your chubby fingers.
I parsimonious youre not really fat, but you could loose a pound or two!
You look cute, your contained by a perfect weightiness. A lot of people would love to be within your shape! Keep it on!
dont look fat to me .
You don't look solid to me, but I don't think you look 105 lbs. You look 120 lbs.
fishing for a compliment are we?
Yes u are hefty.Surely u can lose weight call round below given website and follow the steps given. Click ad links given to know more details and informations something like weight loss and diet. Surely look in it will be very adjectives to you.
you are not fat you are lately right for me i am 5'3 and weigh 120 pounds to but i dont look like it because i hold mussle
You are not fat at adjectives. You have the body that I approaching. You are Hot, I love your face, hugely cute.

Good Luck!!

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