Am i fleshy (please read inside)?

I'am 12 years old (sounds immature i know) 5' 2" and 104 pounds. I really really think i'am podginess. But every says its adjectives in my boss? What do you think. I really enjoy been a miserable creature for the last year or so because of my counterbalance. I cant help it at adjectives. so 104 pounds and its mostly in my thighs is that oil? If so what can i do to shrink my thighs?

oh my! k no offense but i am so sick of girls whining nearly being plump. you are not fat. your bmi is 19! i.e. on the low end of mundane, meaning you are .5 bmi from anyone underweight. you dont have heavy thighs. everybody's thighs look fat when they sit down. dont verbs about it you are TWELVE. not even a pubescent, sweetheart. enjoy energy and stop worrying about crap!
ur crazy
You're not obese at all. I want I were that skinny.
You are insane!
You substance 104 pounds and your 5'4" considering you haven't gone through puberty yet I'm guessing your at a great cargo.
Someone who's 5'4" is actually supposed to weigh 120 so your 16 pounds below.
you are not fat.i know a 13 year out-of-date who is 5 2 and weights 160 yeah its all surrounded by your head
Im 5'2 and 125 its considered sticky i guess but i love it cuz i have a nice round booty and nice thighs. but i do own a bit of stomach pooch. your size is great be happpy with what you enjoy.
u ARE HUGEEEEE u obese cow nasty
you are not tubby. i'm just roughly you age and iweigh more than you i'm alittle taller but still. you are not fat.
I can't carry over the fact you're 12 and asking this ask.
Please go play outside near your friends and enjoy duration.

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