13 how can i capture contained by shape this summer?

Ok i'm 13 and this summer all my friends r getting within shape and i want 2 also but i'm realy bissy so i don't have time to adapt my eating habets or dance 2 the gym i. But i want to exersise i just don't know wich ones 2 do i'm not excess weight i just enjoy a stomatch that i want to shrink so any ideas? pleas give an account me soon because one of my friends likes me and i want to do this 4 him 2 but mostly me so please help out me soon ~thanx =]

easy, do like mad of swimming
if you want abs do sit-ups
first, you need to one and only do something like losing bulk for yourself, nobody else.

2, u are waaay to young to verbs about your substance, just jump have fun kiddo
in good health its really not hard to lose counterweight especialy if you have a swift metabolism, all you really enjoy to do is run 15 or 20 mintues in the morning (3, 4 times a week) in the past you eat anything or do anything involved (fo ex. sit on the computer or work) and work out your stomach 3 or 4 times a week (sit ups, crunches, leg ups), if you dont have time to run at adjectives, then diet and sit ups will give support to, what i mean by diet is to shrink your 2000 cal diet to 1500 or lower and chomp through really small meals, so split 1500 calories surrounded by 5 or 6 meals per daytime and do sit ups, crunches, and leg ups, also make a way not to eat after 8pm it help your body to burn more calories when you sleep.

if you have any question feel free to contact me at alexmsasu@yahoo.com
im a bit elder than you but im doing the same article thsi summer
do lots of sit ups
all you probably requirement to do is get mucsles surrounded by your stomach
so just work out your stomach profoundly
I agree, you are young to be concerned beside your weight. Just be moving, and get 30-60 minutes of exercise a sunshine. You will become a lot improved. Go for a run a couple of times a month, try jumping rope, or simply shotting some hoops. have fun next to it, and remember that you have your undamaged life to verbs about your cargo, why start now?
Summer is supposed to be fun. Also, I suggest that if you are not obese then you are too young at heart to watch your weightiness closely. But, there are profoundly of fun things you can do that won't even feel similar to exercise.

1. play tag
2. stir swimming
3. ride your bike
4. hike along a trail
5. instead of conversation on the porch or on the phone you and your friends can go for a tramp.

Hope it helps. :)
First of adjectives you don't need a gym to stay fit. It could be as simple as walking around the block after dinner. An perception is if you go somewhere and you thieve a bus or have someone drop you sour. Get them to drop you off a block or two up to that time your location. That way you return with a little extra exercise surrounded by. Another thing that I do is I enjoy one of those exercise balls. They are great they work on your core muscles and they are fun too. So it does not give the impression of being like you are truly working out because it is fun. Whatever exercise you decide on it is influential that you enjoy doing it. If you find something you do not approaching to do chances are you will find an excuse why you can't do it. Another great exercise is riding a bike. You might want to check out this site that I planned for you too. It has great planning for toning your stomach. Also hon remember you are still young your body will renovate. It is ok to want to stay fit and trim but don't take it to the extent of worrying give or take a few it all the time. You are young at heart just hold fun and stay active that will back you too. Good Luck.;)

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