Do step aerobics burn tubby and tone everything?

A couple of days ago i decided to dust my step bad and do a workout from the dvd that came next to it. i admit i'm contained by poor shape and it only took 12 minutes that light of day to wipe me out and today i got to 15 minutes. my heart rate be pumping and my body felt pious suprisingly. so will this help trim the fat bad and tone and shape everything on my body? if so where can i find more dvds on step workouts that could possibly tone my underarm flab? it's not a pretty verbs when you can't wave your arm minus looking like you enjoy a hawks wing...I NEED HELP!

Answers:    I did an 8 min workout the other day... it is 8 min arm, 8 thigh, 8 bun, 8 ab, 8 stretch and I am sore after two days! I will scrutinize what people write here to see what will oblige me aside from what I am currently doing... Good Luck Christina!!

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