Am I consumption glowing? And am I consumption too much? I wanna lose mass.?

Here is EVERYTHING I ate yesterday.
- 1 cup fat free cottage cheese
- 1 slice brooklyn style pizza from Domino's
- handful potato chips
- 1 case broccoli with soy sauce
- 6 apricots
- 1 can chicken noodle soup
- serving sunflower kernals

Now that I look at adjectives that it is no wonder I am so fat.

Just dieting is not ample. You have to exercise to if you want to lose immensity.

Although I am a guy, it maybe different for you, but exercise is a must.
That may not even be ample food depending on your weight. You may also inevitability exercise if you wanna lose weight.
Too little and the type of foods that construct you gain weight. They are not in shape, except for the cheese, brocolli(fresh I hope) apricots and sunflower kernels.

Add some lean meat and purloin away all simple carbs. Add more veggies. You will find yourself competent to eat more and but lose weight.

I lost 31lbs on low carb, low podginess, high bran, high protein. I am very soon 108lbs and healthy.


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