Am i cooking oil??

My friends tell me im insaine for thinking i am...but i dont know...what do you dream up?? BE BRUTALLY HONEST!

this one is most recent

this is from last summer

I promise ur not even slightly obese. Ur completely healthy and commonplace and shouldnt lose a gram. And remember that when ur young ur body is still varying and u will constantly lose/gain/lose/gain weight. Its unprocessed. DONT lose any weight!! Im 16 and I recognize what ur feeling cos i be aware of like im portly sometimes too when my friends say im not. Learn to listen to ur friends and familial because what we see in the mirror is different contained by our eyes because we are always trying to be surefire and nothing will ever please us lol
ur gorgeous :)
NO it looks close to u actually lost for a time since last summer
no i don't regard as ur looks close to ur thinner now later u were from ur second summer picture
no you look thin
You want me to be honest? Ok, the simply fat within excess is in your brains! You're a sweet, cute childlike lady near everything at the right place!
you were chubby, but it looks like you lost solidity so your fine.

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