5 weeks into diet and exercise and the scramble hasnt moved!?

I intake around 1200-1800 calories depending on what im doing and I usually eat a big breakfast afterwards work my way down from lunch to dinner and drinking less consequently I dont usually eat after 7pm. I do snack at darkness sometimes(im trying to cut that out little by little but its not going to happen cold turkey or i know not at your best binge) im getting better -its usually a piece of fruit or some pickles and cheese usually is what I enjoy. I also drink socially on weekends-Jack & Pepsi. I drink water and homemade tea w/sweet n low- no soda excluding that.

I am week-2 in taking Hydroxy-cut.

I be doing 30 min + weights and stretches for 6 days a week for 2 weeks, now I hold been doing 25-45 minutes on tredmill walking afterwards sprinting and repeat for 5 days per week

I am in week-5 and I look more toned but the extent hasnt moved at all!

I am trying to be paid a lifestyle change- not just a diet but food is too tricky to cut, HELP what else can I do??

im 5'0 & 154lbs-Also how many cals surrounded by liquor

Thats great ! if your starteing to look toned guess what you are!. I was within the exact same place as you last year adjectives that means is that you body is turning your excess weight into muscle, and remeber that muscle weighs more than round !
Give it more time. Also, you could be gaining more muscle which weigh more than fat. In reality, you should throw away your scale and focus more on how you fit into your clothes.
Sometimes it doesn't show up surrounded by pounds... sometimes it shows up in inches. Measure yourself very soon and see what your measurements are in a few weeks.
hold you had your thyroid checked? a slow thryoid can contribute to not losing freight. i think if i be you i'd go and see the doctor and explain that you're dieting and exercising but nought is shifting!
I think what you should focus on more is how copious inches is your waist. What I would do is measure your waist and consequently see how much that changes and not focus so much on weightiness! I heard this on Oprah from her Doctor that the size of your waist is more esteemed then your counterbalance. Also try not to weigh yourself too often, it's much more fun checking it out similar to every 6 weeks or something that way the amendment is bigger and that can be more exciting for you! Well Good luck! Hope that helps!
There is this product out here that I have see alot of people enjoy success beside. It is this 5 day cleanse that starts by helping you lose the cravings. Most relations lose between 5 and 10 lbs The best thing more or less it is that it is totally nutritious.I highly recommend it.
Lots of walking, monitor what you eat, use "protein shakes" for verve and encouragement from family/friends and that should do it. Cheerleaders use protein shakes to train, it gives them that spirit boost they need.
Liqour and soda enjoy alot of fat calories. If you really want to loose bulk, don't diet, just stroll 1 hour everyday and you will loose alot of cals.
* You might want to cut down on the liqour and soda.
it doesnt matter how oodles calories are in liquor - because adjectives the alcohol calories are being stored surrounded by fat reserves, body cant use them for enthusiasm (they are empty calories)
more cardio - the first 20-30min body burns carbs and individual then starts burning hefty so you should be doing about 45min 4-6 days a week
solidity training not more than 3 days a week.
EAT after 7pm!! if you are hungry - as long as you dont consume more calories than spend during the day you are not gona gain counterbalance.
ditch the pickles!

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