Alli users. if you do not steal a pill for a fatty lunch, but transport it for a able-bodied dinner, any problems?

So I was wondering if you do not embezzle a pill for a fatty lunch, but take a pill for a athletic dinner will you have a core treatment effect. Do the pills have an effect on previously "fatty" meal?

I am hoping to have one fruitless meal a week..

I don't believe the pill would hold an effect on the previous fatty meal, because you've already digested it too much. I believe Alli works surrounded by combination with your current feast only -- hence taking it near your meal, instead of previously or after -- and is absorbed when the dinnertime is in the small intestine. That's why surrounded by the literature it says if you skip the pill, you skip the 'benefits.' So I deliberate you are fine and should only experience side effects from your 'fatty' feast, and not necessarily Alli.
When I read the instruction booklet, it said if you skip a pill you don't get the benefit of it for the collation you just ate. That one said, I messed up a bit yesterday. It was an unconventional day. I have a little snack since going to the movies and pigging out on popcorn and candy -- no pill. For dinner, I had a hot dog and took the pill and hour or so AFTER drinking. I still am having a bit treatment effect. Nothing major, but it's the first time I've make out it. I've only be on the pills for about a week. I imagine there is a cumulative effect going on here.

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