Alli diet pills?

i have some question on them.
do you have any personal experiences next to them? it would be great to know if they work or not, and if there are side effects
[i hear that bad things can surface to you if you take them..resembling leakage of some sort]

i want to start taking it...and no, im not kid around, this is a serious question: would i be allowed to buy the pills lacking a parent/guardian with me? [im thirteen.]
and no, im not one of those SUPER skinny girls that suggest they need to loose counterweight.
i feel approaching it would be good for me to loose some mass.

any info would be awesome :]

I just asked my pharmacist yesterday if they be selling a lot of Alli and they said not as much once associates knew the side effects and that for some, they may own to wear an adult diaper to avoid loss of composure.

This is direct from their website:
What are treatment effects?
alliTM works by preventing the absorption of some of the large you eat. The rotund passes out of your body, so you may own bowel changes, specified as treatment effects. You may get:

gas next to oily spotting
loose stools
more frequent stools that may be rock-hard to control

Partner with a registered dietitian to start your freight loss plan
The alli program requires a commitment to healthy drinking habits. However, you don’t own to make these change alone. For assistance in finding a Registered Dietitian, call round the American Dietetic Association website.
yep it does have baddddd side effects they allow u solitary about 15 g of flabby per meal and if u turn over that u can have slimy discharge and a lot of diarrhea its of poorer quality people enjoy said and its quite the bother and no they would not agree to u buy the product unless u had someone over the age of 18 next to u (unless u look really mature for ur age ;) my recommend dont try it there are better ways to lose bulk and save u some money!!
These pills are probably not moral for you if you are 13. How they work is they block about a quarter of your incorporation of fat. So they are correct for very overweight relations, but not so good for associates who don't need to loose much. If you are youthful and still growing your body needs essential fat to develop your brain and nervous system and to help out you stay healthy.
Also because the pill blocks incorporation of fat anal leaching is a side effect. The fat you ingest will seep out of you and you don't have much control over it.
Check out the alli website though. Take their quiz and numeral out your BMI. If you have a decent BMI you may want to reconsider taking a drug to loose a few pounds.
Whatever you opt good luck. I hope this be helpful.

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