Am i chubby i am 4'10 and weigh just about 90 lbs (i am 13 years old)?

That's a completely healthy substance. And for proof:
No you nouns very terrifically skinny.
thats average. maybe somewhat under. linger a couple months before you step dieting because i am certain you will grow into your "chubby"
nope...not at adjectives. i have a friend to be precise 4-10 and 210. so u are not chubby or fat at adjectives.
There is nothing wrong near starting good diet and exercise behaviour now, but you shouldn't be too worries. Sometimes you grow bigger up to that time you start to grow taller and look a little out of proportion for a while--your body will probably shut in up soon, but cutting out unwanted items food and making sure you get some exercise every morning (or start a regular workout program) will make you have a feeling more in control of how you look.
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