A little complicated, can you oblige?

So I tried doing yoga and had a few problems. I enjoy weak wrists so I could individual last 30 minutes into the program until that time they started to hurt. Also my knees are not that good and when they own us stretch with our knees straight it really hurts. What can I do nearly my wrists and if I stretch with my knees slightly bent is that ok?

At Yoga.com here is a discussion group where they can administer you advice on different positions. I be really into Yoga for years but since I had a toddler I haven't gone back (to class). I know about your knees but they don't enjoy to be straight so don't worry give or take a few that. I am sure there are other positions that would be better for your wrists too. Mine used to hurt profoundly during downward dog. Also I say another post that you be looking for a good video. If you own Bright House (or Time Warner) they have an On Demand service beside Yoga classes on it. Mine starts at channel 340 but I am not sure exactly which one. Good luck!

PS I be just remembering that my yoga instructor told us to maintain our legs straight but just don't turn down as far in the stretch. Over time you will seize more flexible and it will get easier and easier. Remember, it should never hurt so if it does later ease up a bit. :)
Almost any stretching is perfect for you so not doing the yoga move "full out" should be find. If you are having problems next to the program due to physical limitations you should ask your instructor for alternate positions. Any competent instructor should be able to administer you different moves or different holding times that will still give you the benefits of yoga in need the discomfort you are feeling very soon. If your instructor can't help you next you should find a new instructor or studio because that party may not be properly trained. Good luck!

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