(Women Only) Getting Big or Getting Ripped?

I have be lifting weights for about a year in a minute and have put on around 25 pounds of muscle. But next to the diet it takes to gain muscle you put on for a while fat. I am surrounded by the process of cutting this lubricant and trying to get ripped (six pack and all) but I miss the strength gain and muscle gains. Would you a bit have a man beside big muscles and a little hefty or a man with polite muscles and a really toned body?

Toned body. My husband is a body builder, and I truthfully prefer him when he's cut rather than big.
I say aloud a man with little lubricant and good muscles. Bulk is not my article.
personally, I would influence a little heavy won't hurt anyone. You don't have to be immaculately toned. Just don't try pulling that, , my arms are as big as my stomach thing. Please, to be precise just fearsome,
Big muscles and a little chubby. I hate rock tough bodies. I feel similar to I can beat them up.
I would prefer a condition man who likes to work out. Don't shift over bored. Girl will like you for who you are, if she doesn't consequently shes not worth the time.
a man with moral muscles & healthy body is well brought-up

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