8 week immensity loss?

ok is it possible to lose 35 lb. in 8 weeks if i get through 750 calories and burn 1100 5x a week and im only 15 yo frail 5'8 191 lb.

Starvation is never the answer. If you want to loose the weight and KEEP IT OFF later loose weight bit by bit; eat small meal every three hours (sounds like alot but it have helped me loose weight). Eat plenty of lean protein (chicken, turkey) and lots of wet and vegetables. Cut down on any processed foods (anything in a plastic purse or plastic container). Exercise is also very key; it speeds up your metabolism. This all sounds close to common sense but the inborn old fashioned passageway of loosing weight is the channel to go... when a character starts to eat approaching a bird, the body goes on preserve mode, thinking it is adjectives and holds on to the fat but uses muscle for strength. Being healthy is a state of mind, dont infer of it as a diet, diets die. Good luck with your objective!
Oh dear God. Please do not do this. Talk to your parents and doctor immediately. If you diet this mode you could die.
You want to lose fat, so and so eating smaller number amount of calories is not a good approach to achieve your goal. A obedient diet/routine will get you on your route, most importantly the diet part. Eating that copious calories is not good for you and losing that much mass may also not be a good point for you at your age.

Read and follow this, also if you have any question please feel free to ask:

u will lose singular water solidity and u will gain it back so quickly u dont even know.
u are anerexic if u only devour 750 calories a day.
plus arent u surrounded by the right weight compass anyways??
That sounds ridiculous.

You should be on 2000 calories. You need that to bring back and keep your body working. When it is working, afterwards you exercise and lose weight.

If you stir down to 750 calories, your body will go to sleep. It won't burn any calories because you guzzle so few. So everything you do eat, get converted straight to fat.

drink well. get through a lot. never run hungry.

Eat mostly vegetables and some fruit, a smaller amount of meat.
i wouldn't recomend eating 750 calories a sunshine cause my best friend can't lose cargo any more. she is 153lbs 5'4" and she's STUCK in that substance since she was within a very low calorie diet and she would exercise 45 min everyday. Your body will budge into starvation mode if u do this and then u'll be similar to my friend, you won't be able to lose more mass. Eat a 1200 calorie diet and exercise everyday.
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