16 weeks pregnant and can not munch through any fruit?

if i do not eat any fruit within my pregnancy, will i have a condition baby?
any body despicable fruits during pregnancy and had a athletic child.
we are vegetarians and chomp through whole wheat, lentils, milk product and veg. on regular starting place.please answer.

fruits have lots important vitamins and they abet with your digestive system (fiber). Why dont you chomp through them? Is it the taste of adjectives fruits that bothers you? Well in any case you hold to make sure you substitute next to a daily vitamin and try some fruit liquid.
fruits are good for anyone but since you don't approaching to eat fruits or can't tolerate them later you might want to invest in something approaching: JuicePlus (sold by independent dealers close to networking), or Nature's Way Fruit complex:

As long as you get vegetables and other supplements you should be o.k. Are they in recent times turning you off right very soon? This may pass...try together juice if you're concerned.
here were lot of fighting fit things that i couldnt eat, it would variety me sooooo sick! ( including my prenatal vitamins, so my doc told me to eat flinstone vitamins, which I loved!

so in recent times make sure you help yourself to your vitamins and you'll be fine, they have ll you entail vitamin wise, within case you dont achieve it from your foods.
i think here are no restrictions in intake the fruits which nature give us each season.
secondly please nick the fruits with a positive thinking that it is perfect for your health.
our mind make all the hell through our unenthusiastic thinking.
last but not the tiniest consult your parents / grand ma as they are more conversant within this subject or consult your gynecologist .
all the best for your and your child's angelic health .
adjectives the best for your normal abdication.
Fruits adn veggies are good for you and you stipulation them but sometimes your body acts fuuny, especially when your pregnant. You and your newborn, need not merely the vitimans but minerals to process those vitimans. Hard pills (prenatal vitamins) are almost useless as you digest only nearly 7%-10% of them and then if you dont grasp the minerals your body won't utilize the vitimans.

My lady uses VEMMA which have it all and also have the highest antioxidents of anything out at hand. Totaly natural from the Mangosteen fruit Aloe and Green tea and appetite great. I know, I know, It sounds like a commercial..lol but it is true, We love it, and will never be in need it again. It also contains nutrients which have shown to use up the chance of birth defect by 30% -40%Find a great 'liquid' mineral and vitiman source. www.myvemma.com/nydonn

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