Abs, Obliques, Chest and Weight Questions?

Well, at this point in my close to Im only 15, I play football, Bench 180, Squat 290, Dead Lift 340 and I hold a decent 40 time. But my crucial Problem is Apearance.

I weight 158-164 Depending on What I had/Ate that hours of daylight. But for some reason I cannot Loose the Fat contained by my Upper Chest. And the fat around my abs.

Im not lubricant by any means...but still own the extra fat that I can't give the impression of being to get rid of. What would be the best course to Get the Love Handles, Fat around Stomach (Below belly button) and In my chest to start to go away?

munch through more protein = more muscle= higher metabolism = cooking oil loss

My field is within fashion, as a result copious people ask me how they can slim down. My answer is other the same: dutiful diet and exercise. But I found this great product which I think help a lot contained by the process. I recommend you check this website
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You nouns like your contained by shape... lose the fat by running and a strict diet. For the chest try incline dumbells to capture that toned.
do some cardio like running
Exactly do some cardio and you will loose the cargo...
Definatly stay away from mcdonald eat 6 meal a day SMALLER meal not the traditional 3 meals a hours of daylight..
you may be eater to larege of meals.
But i say-so cardio cardio cardio and keep up your weights but if you are ding between 6-12 repititions you will be builing muscle so i recommend 12 - 25 reps of somewhat lighter weight this will give a hand you lose the weight you dont want and tone your body...

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