How can i only just be a ordinary bright and breezy minor?

ok i'm not clinically depressed or anythin, but i'm fed up of havin to be so obbsessed beside looks,i mean its get to the point where in a minute i have to live on fruit throughout the morning, i have a big athletic breakfast, and i have a mundane tea, but after my evein meal witht the kith and kin i sometime have to be sick or nick laxitives because i'm afraid of gaining substance, i've now disqualified myself from chocolate full stop (gone well for almose 2 weeks now) and tryin to avoid bread as much as poss.
altho i'm not heavy (size 10, 5' 4" 13 pounds), i have a huge anxiety of becomin fat, my solitary form of exercise mon -fri is walkin at least a mile a sunshine sometimes more, on the weekend i help out at the stables, and i sometimes budge for a mile fun, and use weights and tone as much as poss.
but i hate havin to spend every wakin moment thinkin nearly food and exercise, lookin the right size what can i do to chill and relax, i'm only 16 i want to be blissful, i want to enjoy that chocolate railing every now + next + have fun.

Answers:    Don't try to compare yourself to adjectives the ads that show what you call for to wear, how to be the prettiest/cutest in the crowd.
You call for friends that are normal as to dressing etc. If you view all those Hannah Montana wanna be"s or whoever your age group like, you will always grain lost so to speak, find friends that like to turn bowling, skating, hiking, fishing, all types of sports, youth groups etc.
When you approachable up your options, you will find a unharmed bunch of great friends who really don't care if you are sexy slim or ecstatic chubby, if you wear clothes from Kmart or Target.
I'm still learning how to become that, too.
I own my good days, where on earth I feel similar to I LOVE my life and my friends and my body. Then I hold days where it feel like my friends are sick of me, or I'm simply sick of them, my life is a bore, cycled around diets & appearances & petty things that don't business, and I'm a fat blob. But really, I dream up most people do. Just most culture are good at hiding it from the world.

Welcome to teenage-hood!
Just be confident nearly yourself..just conjecture you're the hottest teenager within all the planet.

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