About Atkins Diet (weight didn't go down !)?

I have started Atkins 4 weeks ago,I didn't get through rice or any carbohydrates (25g under).But my weight didn't go down.I am a student and I work infront the computer all year long.Is it means Atkins Diet also entail excerise too??

Help me.!

If i go to Gym 3 times a week,everyday 1 hour and do Atkins Diet,can i lose 25pounds formerly the middle of Augest ??

Atkins stated in his book "If you are not exercising, you are not doing Atkins".

Have you read the book? If not, it's rather possible that you are not doing Atkins properly.

As mentioned above, it's also possible that you are eating profoundly of hidden carbs, especially if you are consumption a lot of processed foods.

Unless you are extremely obese (ie more than 100 pounds to lose) it is unlikely that you will lose 25 pounds contained by just over a month. But you should be lighter than when you started, and improved too.

It's also possible that you're shrinking, even though the weight is not varying. Have you measured yourself?

When you don't have deeply of weight to lose, the loss can be totally slow.
yes u must a least work out three times a week. but you don't own to go to the gym. you could work out surrounded by the house. buy a jump rope and do crutches that should work .
The atkins diet is not pious for you. When you start the atkins diet you'll be losing fat and muscle mass, however, the minute you come past its sell-by date the diet you'll gain all of the substance back, but adjectives of it will come back as rotund, so all within all, you're smaller amount healthy than you be before appendage. Try a simple diet plan of your own.

1.) Drink lots of water
2.) Eat adjectives the fruits and veggies you want
3.) Cut out junk food, speedy food, greasy food, and regular pop/soda.
4.) Continue to exercise even if just from home - crunches, bicycle kick, run in place, walk/bike/jog around the block, swim for 30 minutes, hold 5 pound weights while walking up the stairs.

I know this sounds unnatural because so many ancestors rave about the amount of freight they lose on the Atkins Diet, but honestly, it comes back double what you lost the minute you stop the diet. Do you really want to own to diet all of your time to keep that trim integer?? Hope this helps. Good Luck! :=-)
look for clandestine carbs in your food. Packaged, processed food is no pious for you. Lots of marinades and salad dressings contain hidden sugar. Stick to lean meat and veggies, so call "raw foods" that you chomp through in as close to a pure form as you can. Keep away from the refined starches and sugars and you'll do fine

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