30 afternoon pre-wedding exercise?

i'm getting married in 30 days. if i step on a no carbs exercise and walk for 30 mins respectively night around my neighborhood, will i lose more or less 10 pounds?

definately - 2ibs a week is advisory weight loss, so i deduce with exercise and a low carb diet you will attain there surrounded by no time. Good Luck and congratulations.
there is a possibility!. everyone is different. the more lbs u want to loose the faster you will loose it. you should also try doing some other exercises
possibly... do some abs and some RUNNING and you should for sure...and if you really want to get serious start working out..but brand name sure if you start working out you lift and consequently run (you will burn fat faster that way) and you drink some protein shakes (that are low contained by fat) you need a great deal of protein if your going on a no carb diet otherwise you will not tone.
well u will jut clear ur self very watery i mean com on nuptial require lot of calorie to burn the wedding is massively tiring ..change ur die guzzle and adapt to it become unconscious a breathing air .

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