2 adjectives of u out near , book worms 2 b exact ....?

i know harry potter is great and all . yeah i read files once . but my crazy sister reads them over and over again . i stingy the words are same . it's not like the plot of the story is going 2 adjust . i was freshly wondering is there any1 out in that who reads equal book like 5 times .
i find it immensely irritating ?
c' mon people !

i've read some several times, but i think there's zilch wrong with that. sometimes some populace really have to read it again because they've forgotten in the order of it. For ex. that harry potter series, some read the previous series just to freshen up their minds of what have happened back proceeding to the next. Just be forgiving to your sister.
actually, it's more approaching 10 times. Nothing wrong with reading a favorite over and over. No sin, but this isn't a diet question, any :)
if you read something oever and over you look at it differently, so it helps you follow it a little better
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