Alli users answers only please. How was your experience on the diet pill Alli?

i've heard a lot of positive and a lot of negitive feedback about this pill. can you please share with me your personal experience?

You know what? I am seriously thinking about trying Alli. I know there are some gastrointestinal side effects ( it apparently blocks the fat you eat, but if you consume too much fat, you evidentally spend a LOT of time in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.) I've only got about 15-20lbs to lose, but I've been thinking about giving it a try. At least it's not a stimulant. The only thing that worries me is the bathroom aspect of it. I went to their site, and it DOES warn that you have to be prepared to be near a restroom and to wear dark pants when you first begin. That is kind of scary and embarrassing. EDIT- I KNOW! God, that would be SO embarrassing! I think I'd have to take some time off to give it a "test RUN", if you know what I mean! It's kind of expensive too. Plus, I think we'd be spending lots of time looking at the backs of food labels to see how much fat was in the food. There's a book you can buy about Alli at your local pharmacy, called, "Are You Losing It?" You should also check out their site, I think it's called, not positive. But they have a big questionaire you can fill out to decide if Alli is right for you. I mean, it's a TOTAL lifestyle change. (damn, I'd have to carry Imodium around all the time! Goodnight! Let me know if you find out anything positive about it!

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