14yrs old-fashioned, 5'5, and 115lbs..i want to be 107!?

ok so i kno a billion other people are posting stuff resembling this but i really want answers for my exact situation and goals..

oh and im turning 15 july 23 and i want to be 107lbs by after. is it possible? or at least be around that bulk?

HOW OFTEN AND HOW LONG should i work out and how many calories should i consume?

please facilitate and thank you! =]

Ok when I was 14 I be also 5'5" and weighed 118 I looked anorexic even though I ate close to a horse and had those asking me if I was ok. And you want to be 107?? You will look even more resembling a skeleton!! Thats not a normal consignment for your height.
If this help at all, within is 3000 calories in a pound. So you would own to burn 3000 more calories than what you had eat that day to lose one pound.
The poster who mentioned the 3000 calories isn't QUITE correct...

There are 3500 calories contained by a pound. It is nearly impossible to burn that much IN A DAY. Healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week. The best method to go just about this is to cut out or burn about 500 calories a year (500x7=3500). You can do this by burning about 250 calories and adjectives out 250 calories from what you eat every daylight, etc. Example - one Vanilla Coke has 150 calories. If you drink a few sodas a light of day, cut way fund or stop altogether :)

You're really not at an unhealthy solidity for your age and height, but you could check out sparkpeople.com (tell them isabellaj referred you!) - its a free website that can facilitate you determine how many calories you want to intake - our bodies require at LEAST 1200 calories a day, even for weightloss - and show you some great exercises to facilitate you build muscle and burn calories/fat with worthy cardio :)

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