2 to 3 pounds a week right?

well i own been working out for almost two weeks twice each day going to the gym and working out hard and its intricate for me to see me losing 2-3 pounds a week, never happened to me. why?

It's adjectives a matter of calories contained by and calories out. Cut out carbs, fats and sugars. Increase your marine intake. Eat more often but smaller meal. Make sure you're burning a lot more than you're taking within. I lost around 40 pounds in 6 months a year and a partly ago. I think the most I ever lost contained by one week was 4 pounds and that be unusual. Two to three pounds is great, but it takes a total diet and lifestyle alteration. Check out the book The Abs Diet (link below). It helped me. Good luck!!
2 to 3 pounds a week is HEALTHY and more promising to ensure permanent results.

Twice a light of day working out?? Geez...
Don't pay so much attention to the ascend. You need to look at your inches. Take a video measure and find the numbers on your limbs and hips, pecks, ect. Also, pay envelope attention to what you are eating. If your are drinking like a horse or consumption a bunch of fatty sugary foods, then your work out is useless. The one and only way for exercise to assist you lose weight is to hold a diet that goes along near it. Either eat better or try something approaching the slim fast diet. I've done that and it worked for me. Also a freind from soaring school be an allstar player and he worked out for a full two hours everyday and did the slim fast diet. Til this sunshine he does that and he is still trim and cut. Hope that works for you.
Your workouts are completely pointless if you are consuming as much or more calories per day than you are burning.

What is your weekly caloric defecit?

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