Am i burning myself out?

my dad is telling me to start at 2.0 on the treadmill and donate 1 every minute, so i would be doing a 15 minute workout and 40 minutes at my max heart rate of 3.5 on the treadmill, but i'm just hardly getting onto 3.1 and when trying to do 3.5, my hamstrings feel like they be going to fall bad and that someone was twisting them adjectives different ways, i couldn't keep up. not to mention i'm 5'3 so my legs arent as long. so should i preserve gradually going up or should i suck it up and try to keep hold of up with the complex number, oh and i'm pretty heavy so i am working on speed walking not pretty jogging or running newly yet.

examine. is dad a professional? if he is, he is completely wrong in asking you to do something you can't do however. do work up to where you quality a great deal going on, but not to the point where on earth pain is what you surface. once you are at a pace where on earth your heart rate is comfortable and also excited, keep it at that. don't push yourself too much, because the subsequent day you aren't going to want to do'll lose interest. also, scrutinize your diet...a very defining aspect of weight loss. all right, i've got to run jog in a minute. good luck.
Listen to your body. If it is dictum, stop or slow down, DO IT! This is how people injure themselves. Over time as your muscular and cardio persistence increase, you'll be able to increase the intensity of your work-out.
Gradual is better, overdo it and you risk burnout or (worse), injury. When 3.1 feel easy, THEN its time to pick up the tread. Until then, don't push yourself too intricate!
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