~~~~~is my cargo common?~~~~~?

IM 13, IM 5'2, AND I WEIGH ABOUT 96 OR 98LB'S. doctors say i weigh 100, i dont know but are any one of those a normal immensity for me??

No one can tell you if this a *healthy* immensity for you without seeing you and evaluating you. If you are small boned, this could possibly be a tough weight when you bear into consideration your young age. I be healthy at 15, 5'4" and 110 pounds.

However, my best guess is that you would do best to include a bit of weight. A woman's body requirements to have a exceptional amount of body fat to develop customarily. 18-22 percent body fat is a honest target.

The best advice is to devour from each of the food groups within moderation and get at lowest possible moderate exercise. (The body does need *some* sound fat intake!)
both different weights are ordinary .. dont worry u are at fine mass
No that is not ordinary for your age you should way at tiniest 125. I know I am a doctor of 25 years dealing with teenagers!
You are underweight. How do I know this?
I calculated your body mass index (BMI) which is a tool used to determine if you are underweight, majority, or overweight. To calculate your BMI, you multiply your rise and your weight.
You may not be getting plenty of the right foods. This can lead to a ineffectual immune system, fragile bones, and other health problems. So try putting on 5-10 pounds and your cargo should fall into everyday range.

Hope this help :)
they are all underweight.

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