Addiction to going to the gym?

It's been 2 weeks and I've not gone to the days for two days (not contained by a row). I've going for an hour and doing cardio. I've noticed I'm getting lightheaded and final time I was shaking a bit. I read that you're singular supposed to do 30mins when first starting. My goal is to lose alot of solidity quickly... Is doing more at a longer tread speed up my weightloss, or making it worse?

It is speeding up your weight loss but it making your vigour worse.
this reminds me of the episode of full house where DJ Tanner looked-for to diet but was not drinking any hose or eating anything and get light head while doing cardio at the gym
Hi, if you are really looking to lose weight suddenly, you may want to look at this website. ( Click on Hall Of Famers to see people's results )

There are 2 programs you can use, a 9 Day Program or a 30 Day Program. Also, simply so you know these products are all unconscious and they will improve your strength and help you lose sickly fat against the clock. IT IS NOT A DIET.

If you would like more information, here is a website you can look at.

Hope this help you.

P.S. I did a 9 Day Program and lost 9 pounds and I felt great.

Good Luck !

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