Am I chubby or flabby?

i have for a moment bit of a 'pooch' if you know what i mean the pooch is rather big tho, and its about 2 inches beneath my belly button.
. But my grandma says its mundane and healthy..Im 5'7, and I weigh 124, but am I fleshy?

in 14 surrounded by 2 months. w/ size 6 jeans.

you're definitely not overweight. sweety you don't even inevitability to worry going on for your weight. and because you're 14 that scheme you still have time to grow. you'll grow out of your little pooch.i me if you ever necessitate to talk. k?
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I am not sure because I am no doctor or anything, but I estimate that it's normal - especially within women - to have the pooch. Atleast I do. *I* overweight? :D
no not at all. plus even if u be. ur still goreous im sure :]
you're DEFINATELY not fat.
You're not portly whatsoever. My mom is 5' 9" and she is about 145 and she is skinny. So yeah, you're not corpulent at all.
not plump
don't be anorexic
that is completely usual and you are not fat. I weigh that and i'm 5'4 and I am by no medium fat
I would right to be heard you're average. And since you're kind of high for a girl, 124 might be a little on the slim side.
So are you one of those high upkeep chicks who has zilch better to do than ask if you are fat?

I've see so many over the years it is ridiculous. Looking for attention is adjectives you are doing.

You probably look great but all you can do is contemplate about yourself and look for attention.

Get a vivacity and quit being similar to Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears or..
Your weight sounds great, you may necessitate to just waddle or not spend too much time in front of the computer (: A nouns of exercise will make even a "thin" party look flabby!
For every hour you play here, make sure you meeting it with some walking or sit ups! You will wallow in being a youngster so much more in your correct weightiness and not on a diet!
your height and weightiness are fine hon don't worry and please don't listen to the one that told you at your altitude you should be 70-80 you would look like loss
if you are concerned up your activity a bit or decrease your calories for a moment not much don't go crazy
if you are worried in the order of your lower belly do a little exercise of the nouns again just a bit don't go crazy
you hold enough to verbs about at 14 consequently a couple of a teen ager and enjoy
no you are not rotund and it doesn'y matter what you look approaching it's who you are that matter's, a lot of girls say-so there corpulent, and you are too young to be dictum these things. If i were you get through healthy things close to fruits and vegetables and protiens, and you will probably make a big diffrenece. TRUST ME!
oohh honey you are not butter. It sounds that your grandma is right. women are supposed to have a "pooch".

If you perceive that you are fat you requirement to eat improved and that may help. I don't imply to diet! Just follow a proper nutrition schedule. That scheme proper portions of all the food groups. Always follow the food group pyramid. it's on nutrition food label. you can also find this on line.
sweetie you are no where on earth near self chubby or fat.
you could in actual fact use a few more pounds. i am 5'6" and 134,
and wear size 6 jeans. according to my doctor's chart - my weight compass goes from 125 - 145.
and you are merely 14! just drink a healthy diet and wallow in yourself. you are perfect the track you are.
enjoy the adventures.

tons blessings.

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