Am I too skinny or is this ordinary?

I am almost 14 years old and ending time i checked i was more or less 88-90 lbs. and my height is almost 5'3". Sometimes I munch through pretty good or more than I should, and some days I dont really chomp through at all. Its not that I am upset of gaining bulk, its just simply because I am not hungry. But most of the time I drink. I dont really gain weight that much when I get through too much. I guess its my motablism.

People are always relating me I am too skinny. Is this because they are jealous or I really am? My mom say I am fine, but I still worry.

Answers:    You obligation to eat consistently every hours of daylight but your weight is fine no you aren't too skinny Like I said earlier the women under me try to flood your head near garbage you are fine merely be more concerned about getting a fair diet and eating hanging every day
you are too skinny huney! at the age of 13 average cargo is 95-??... WOW

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