Am i chubby er butter?

i have for a moment bit of a 'pooch' if you know what i mean on my tum tum. But my grandma say its normal and able-bodied..Im 5'7, and I weigh 124, but am I fat?

no. my girlfreind is 5'7" and weigh 120, and she looks like she could gain a few pounds. i other make her chomp through fattening stuff cuz my sister and cousin almost died from anorexia
heck no! ur perfect grl!!
i wouldn't read out you are overweight. how old are you?
no. you are similar to the ideal loftiness and weight!
No, I muse you're fine, but it kind of depends on your age too. You might want to do sit ups or something to receive rid of the "pooch" though
Nope! Your perfectly fine, 'cuz you're towering! I wish I be as tall as you...
Good gosh NO. I decision I had your size.
Come on!!!!...

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