Am I overweight?I fell similar to I am.?

I am 11 years old and I grain healthy but when I look surrounded by the mirror
all I see is some1 lubricant looking back at me. to update you about me I am:
11 years frail
101.2 pounds
5 ft.

i feel similar to Im fat too! Im going on for 15 and I always see a overweight person looking put money on at me in the mirror!
But hefty doesnt matter, it shouldnt effect the passageway u live, learn to adopt yourself for who u are, thats what i had to do.

And no you wouldnt be concidered grease, because of your height, you are thoroughly tall for your age so your immensity should be more too!
If your body mass index is over 25%, you are considered to be fat
omg girl u are soo not heavy ur bmi is 19.8.and over weight is 25
Sweetie, your body will experience such tremedous change throughout your lifetime. Don't fixate on your body now. If you fixate you will singular succeed in making yourself down and it causes adjectives kinds of other issues. Please try to adopt what you look like. If you truly do not close to what you see, I suggest you talk near your doctor. Don't try things on your own. You could damage your body beyond repair. HUGS
You are a ordinary healthy girl. You are not flab. Dont let yourself pilfer over that! If you think you are margarine -- Eat more healthy foods and chomp through less of the not so fit foods. But trust me you are not fat!
IT DOESN'T MATTER WETHER YOUR FAT OR SKINNY! sorry cap lock oops well,...freshly don't worry in the region of that.
You are way to infantile to worry something like this. Way way too childlike.

You are not fat, especially at that rise. You're still in the process of growing. If anything, you should ask this interview two years later, when you're 13.
You're evidently not overweight, but you're still growing. You may be at that point where you're lately waiting on a growth spurt. You'll be growing soon, so you're going to be losing your baby plump.
you are PERFECT! you could actually gain a short time weight, 20lbs if you really required to, and still be perfectly on form and fit.

visit that website, put within your height and consignment, and see for yourself.

Also, dont let the pressure from conservatory, guys, your girlfriends, hollywood, or magazines ever create you feel approaching you are fat or worthless. all of us women, regardless of age, obligation to stick together and remember that. you ARE beautiful, never forget it. :-)
OMG, your simply a child. Your body still has toddler fat, and you'll enjoy those extra pounds till about the age of 15 or 16. And if your 5'4 and immensity about 120-130lbs. Then youre at just right weight.
Dont freak out!
Just be wary with/what you eat so that the portly will go away. :)
Come on your with the sole purpose 11, u have a long course 2 go...I would right to be heard your not fat merely healthy..Learn 2 love who u c when u look within the mirror. 4get peer pressure. U have seriously of time 2 lose the pounds. As u get elder things will change(good luck)

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