Am I grease or not??

I am going into 6th grade and i am 4'8 and I wiegh 105! Is that large??

All healthy 6th graders still own baby cooking oil. That's normal. Just relax, you have need of that! You risk mental retardation if your body can't feed your growing brain mass.
contribute me a picture and ill see
No.. You're skinny.
nope not really it would give a hand if you had a picture
No, not really.
Weight and loftiness aren't enough to determine. Those are jut numbers, the query is how do you look. You have to show me to know how to tell you.
no i weigh 120 and was of late barely round
no honey - youre fine - remember your still growing
according to the info you gave, your bmi is roughly 23.5, which is normal.
only just look at your self and ask what you think almost yourself. i dont know what you look like so i cant present a for sure answer. You could ask a doc. and see what he/she thinks of it. or a short time ago a parent. i am 5'2" and weigh 121. i sound similar to i would be fat but im not, i look skinny and i exercise. You could weigh alot because of muscle too. If a character EVER calls you grease you think that your not, DONT CHANGE YOUR OPINION just about yourself. if you ignor that person he/she will leave your job you alone. good luck! hope this help you out!
No but I presume you'll probably go on a cheese cube diet anyway
not at adjectives
darl thats skinny as! you are in echelon 6 you shouldnt be worrying about your shipment

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