Is it ok for a 14 yr out-of-date girl to be117 pounds?

im 5,1and a half

You are fine. Please don't fixate on your counterweight or looks. Be accepting of yourself. If you feel discomfited with your freight, you should discuss it with your doctor. Hugs!
i'm 51 and a partially and weigh 117 pounds too.
yea. thats normal
Well, I'm 140 and I look skinny as hell, so I'd influence yes.
Sounds about right to me. If you have a feeling that you are not a good cargo then exercise is what you entail.
I'm 5'3"-5'4" and I'm 104lbs.
yeah that's fine.
You're at a normal shipment for your height according to your BMI.

im 12, 5 and a half, and im going on for 110
5'1"? 117 lbs? Yeah, that sounds pretty normal. As long as you look and grain good and are stirring in sports, hop, or some kind of exercise you're fine =)
umm im 13 and 5'2 and weigh 100 so possibly u should lose a little but i guess your elder than me..
Perfectly normal, in shape and beautiful!! Way to be in motion!!
it's perfectly fine!! unless your self concious give or take a few your weight but 117 for your age and point is not overwieght. it might be like...2 pounds over what your supposed to be but thats the AVERAGE counterbalance that doctors go by. so your faultlessly fine!!
This is probably a perfect mass for you. You can tone and trim a little if you get the impression jiggly, but you certainly don't involve to diet. God, I wish I be 117 pounds again. I weigh 130 and I just can't come across to move the weight. I am working on an egg-shaped trainer right now, and the workshy stuff is tightening up, but I have to do some tummy crunches to win my belly a little firmer. Good luck.
yes thats faultlessly normal. the average 13 yr behind the times girl weighs around 120 lbs. but if you are un content about your shipment then you should turn to they have exercise routines and a decent diet plan on there that will minister to you trim down a bit but thats the perfect counterweight for you.
Yeh, but if you were taller it might be a problem. . .
Yea!Thats skinny to me :) if thats what your thinking more or less...
You should see the fastest girl in the world she like250 300 i dont remember
According to the BMI (body mass index) for your stage and weight, you are exactly contained by the middle of the normal field. No worries. :)

It is natural for a girl to be at that substance. Just don't think just about it.

Thank you,
yes it is. and i hope you dont think you are tubby, your not! please dont fall into the lies out nearby, being skinny is not adjectives that it is made out to be. yes its nice, but sometimes it can be unhealthy. and besides you dont want to pause up with an ingestion disorder. just devour healthy and stay stirring and start telling yourself you dont watchfulness what others think because the biggest entity is how you think in the region of yourself and if others see that you are confident in who you are, after they will be too and if they still put you down that is because they are insecure more or less themselves!
Hey, I am 5'1 and use to weigh 117, then I get out of high arts school and now am 108-110. But I am pretty little. 117 is a fail-safe weight for you...a moment ago be careful, ur still growing, examine ur eating conduct, exercise, and everything will work out.I think the in one piece idea of mortal toothpick thin is pretty much a point of the past...guys approaching a girl with some meat on her bones!
thats fine..i'm 5'2 and i freight 100
Of course it's ok. Everyone is unique contained by size, shape, ethnicity, and's what makes you an individual.
yeah its fine not fleshy.
Ideal body weight for a feminine with a rise of 5 feet 1 inch is from 95 - 116 lbs. I assume yours is still ok. For reference you can call on the following address.

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