After blood pressure is stable on medication how long do you enjoy to stay on a immensely low brackish diet (2000 mg on a daily basis

I have be on medicine(Norvasc) and a low salt diet (less than 2grams per day). for four months presently. I am really skinny and I feel close to my diet is way too restricted, any suggestion...I really want to enjoy drinking out a little more too

To hang on to it stable, you'll want to stay on a moderately low salt diet. Everybody have days where they overdo it, simply don't do it daily, and hold on to taking your meds.
Well, since you clearly don't trust your doctor enough to ask him / her, I'll share you that you can go vertebrae to the high saline foods now. Once you're stabilized you can start to slack bad and slip back into antiquated habits, as long as yo stay on the medication. The meds are a bit similar to body armor that way.

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