Am i a Fat teen?

I cannot tell if i am round or not imean i check the bm scale and i am a forceful weigt and i feel stout but why do i not have a six pack i hear that evrybody has one they lately have to not be overweight?? I am not over mass but i do not have a six pack and it looks close to i do have some body flabby ,,How do you tell if your facade is fat or not do you sqeeze on it and see if you can be aware of fat or bone--I am really confused right in a minute i am a healthy counterbalance but i somehow steel have body chubby and i cant tell if my obverse is fat or not But i do enjoy a picture and all you teen girls out near

Please tell me what you meditate and what i can do to make myself own a six pack and loose this extra fat i niggardly I am 6,2 and weight 172 which is supposed to be a vigorous weight but i dont know and cannot enlighten?? herses my pic

You look like Shamu the whale.
not everybody have a six pack. everyone has the muscles to grasp a sick pack, you just own to work them out and tone them. doing strength training is how you would do that. you're not fat.
merely cuz u dont have a six pack does not anticipate ur fat ur abdoninal mscles in recent times arent that strong and toned and u might even want to gain weight and start working out youll look bigger stonger and more ripped and do some crunches and bicycles for a 6 pack
You are at a good weight first of. Some ancestors just, dont hold one.. even if they are a bodybuilder. But if you are convinced you need them afterwards do what i did- i only enjoy a 4-pk i used to have six but i stopped. i no this sounds SO outmoded but, situps. if you have a bit to much belly grease they will decrease it and lend a hand give you abs, once the abs start coming surrounded by, switch to doing crunches, they will work out your entire body and give you abs overweight ( this is if you do it 30 minutes to half an hour a sunshine at least!) GOOD LUCK!
No! specifically the perfect immensity, not fat at adjectives .. and besides for a male mortal 2 skinny is nasty (in my opinion) .. your supreme height and bulk, and should prob even gain a few pounds

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