How do i get rid of my belly i enjoy a pudge.Also my arms, thighs,and lower back those touch thingy's plzz help

p.s. i cant turn 2 a gym and i cant do pilaltes or go on a diet

If you can't do anything else. Eat more vegetables, fruit and anything beside fiber. Anytime you have a choice, receive the healthier food.

You'd be suprised the differance it make.
Power walk, get through healthy you don't hold to diet but cut out fast food intake out and snacking on junk food. Eat fresh fruit and veggies. Do some crunches, and leg lift. jump rope you should loose some shipment and build muscle tone.
eat smaller number, eat well again, go jog or biking
Eat Tuna, Chicken (Not Fried!), lots of water.
how in the region of going swimming htat helps and guzzle fruit and veg and go see gp if happy honourable luck
eating in good health, drinking lots of water, stomach crunches a few times a week, leg lift will help crunch the butt muscles, and lifting some small weights on a consistent justification, also try getting the ankle weights that you can wear almost all sunshine long, those are great for the legs and all of those muscles

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