A sin import tax on swift food?

What do you think roughly speaking this idea?

It comes down to this. I don't want to clear more income tax, property duty, sales levy, etc. Yet, the country's infrastructure is falling apart and we have no course to pay for it. Maybe you are on to something here. I could live beside sin taxing bad food. Now adjectives we need to do is build more casinos and adjectives will be perfect. Always double down on 11!
Its a horrible Idea
yeah express food it bad for you
but it is a godsend on long roadtrips
why not? they sin toll cigarettes and alcohol .. fast food may not be as doomed to failure (i mean they do own salads) ... but it sure isn't great for you either.
Never hear of it. But fast food is convalescing, and its a choice, so, no.
hell yeah!!
Dont you think that the damn goverment already taxes us far to bloody much in need finding another excuse for them to take our strong earned money!
No. If you requirement taxes then of late be straight forward about collecting it instead of playing games.
If a clean fast food restaurant have healthy hastily food (i.e. Tokyo Joe's), would you have a sin due on that too? Even if the fast food is unsavoury, living in a democracy finances that people should enjoy a choice on what foods they eat (good or bad).
If you don't drink to much. You don't get any??
Who's unfolding me what a sin constitutes? If tax is needed for an item alright. Just don't assume that it's considered a "SIN" by me. Too frequent damn taxes anyway. It's a sin I tell ya.
Bad conception. The reason its constitutional to sin excise cigarettes and alcohol is because those are both luxuries than no one wants. Food, however, is a need for survival and near are many those who already can't afford anything but fast food (which is why its so popular). Sin taxing vigorous food increases the risks of people going hungry.

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