Am i lubricant because my granddad think i am.? he forces me on scales and humilates me !?

hes been really horrible 2 me lately, he's be poking my stomach when we're both alone, he weighs me say its not good satisfactory, and when my nana gives me something he tell me "are u really going 2 eat that? itll in recent times add flab" he whisper it into my ear.
and today i was discussion on phone and my nana was conversation 2 me about going shopping and he said to me on the phone when it be jus 2 ov us "you better come or they'll be trouble"
once he locked me in my bedroom and woudn't consent to me out until my dad came fund because i ate too much.

im about 5'7
and in the order of 110 pounds i think
is that podginess?

ur grandpa is weird and have problems. watch out around him he seem like the pshyco pedaphile type
dont consent to him trick u.ur perfect!
Are you fricking serious. That is skinny! your pretty elevated, you should weigh around 125-ish. Your grandfather is just expect. you shouldnt listen to him.
Sounds like your grandfather have some serious issues. Especially if he keeps doing stuff to you while you're alone beside him (poking your stomach) that he won't do around other people.
no not at adjectives
This is something you need to agree to you parents about. If they don't believe you, or won't support you, collaborate to a counselor or teacher at academy. That's abuse.
Your grandad sounds enormously mean!! I deliberate you need to speak to your mum or dad, or, if you surface you can't talk to them conceivably another responsible adult, I don`t know a teacher or a minister. Your grandad is emotionally abuse you and this is not right, you must try and talk to someone in the order of this. You dont mention your age, but regardless of what your age or you weight, you do not deserve to be treated approaching this by one of the few people within the world you should be able to trust.
Please Please speak to someone just about this. My thoughts are with you, right luck
Your grandad sounds creepy and no you aren't fat surrounded by the least.
YOU ARE NOT FAT, I know girls who would die to be your size and mass myself included, your grandfather sounds like an asshole, sorry to be crude, that's reason girls become anorexic. Don't listen to what he says he is wrong WRONG WRONG! If he truly care and loved you he would not treat you like that, enjoy you ever told him it hurts when he says those things? explain to someone what he says so that they can abet you to stop his abuse, and YES WHAT HE IS DOING IS ABUSE!
what hes doin is rude and you should describe him that hes hurting your feelings,i dont muse thats fat,i muse your grandpa is a jerk!
5'7 and 110 pounds is too skinny. You should weigh around 130 to be a tough weight.

Tell your mom and dad that grandpa's making fun of you and that you will not progress to 'Papa's house anymore until your parents deal beside this situation, and they must do it IMMEDIATELY.

Tell your mom, "I'm NOT willing to become anorexic JUST BECAUSE grandpa think I'm fat!" That ought to spring your mom and dad into management.
No - he is mentally unstable. He needs some medical or psychiatric attention. No event what - TELL YOUR PARENTS!! Also, talk to your doctor, they can reassure you nearly your health.
no sweetie,i believe your fine at the weight you are.
Are you kid?You are really skinny.Get some help from your mom and dad near your grandpa and then bring your grandpa some help because i am sure you are a elegant gal.Inside and out.
No actully you should be eating more you are similar to me. Do you care around they way you look? close to i think im curvy sometimes. But i wiegh 96 pounds and am 5 '3 so i am like 10 underneath you are 13. The question may appear to sexully but does he like touch you alot? if he does afterwards he may want to have sex this isn't funny. Why does he want you to be unfaultable?
Awnser these question on my question . KK

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