Am I drinking too much or not satisfactory?

Here is everything I had to munch through today:
One slice turkey on 1 slice whole wheat bread w/mustard
4 apricots
1 can chicken noodle soup
1 serving sunflower kernel
1 cup brown rice with soy sauce and broccoli

not plenty, the only mode to increase your body's metabolism is to eat more small potions, i wouldnt phone up it a balanced suppertime, but the things you are eating is definitly going within the right direction, with the brown rice, and broccoli, try and engender more of a variety so your body can return with the best out of it
that pretty much is a balanced teatime.. It wouldn't hurt to eat more though.
sweeti you no thats not ample thats why your asking that silly question! you entail vitamins that are in unshakable need to stay strong! you can eat more but able-bodied, if you call yourself tryin to lose freight then try the special K diet!

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