Advice? Please?

Ok I have a six pack. Hidden lower than a layer of heavy. I need to know how to carry the fat bad so I just own my six pack. Can you give me some guidance or workouts on how to lose the fat? Anything will minister to thanks! Oh and other info if you entail it is I am 5'6 and 122 pounds, skinny, 12 years old. And please don't voice don't worry give or take a few my weight cuz I am 12. everyone think i am 17 so I am mature satisfactory to lose some weight.

5'6" and 122 is not that discouraging, but you could trim up. Need to eat reading light calorie foods and do regular exercise, that you help. In exercise curlz are the best for tightening your abs.
cardio, cardio, cardio. Treadmill running, egg-shaped, etc.
guys have six pack not girls thats just wrong

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