A stone age diet please?

mammoth, n. american camel, dodo birds, dead saber-tooth

adjectives extinct sadly
sorry we merely sell potatoes
Water, meat, sex.
Only things that could be hunted or gather in your nouns. So say goodbye to most of your current diet.
a moment ago eat veggies and fruits adjectives day + marine ofcourse !
A stone age diet would have be seasonal, although meat would have be available all year round which they would hold hunted for.
They were certain as hunter/gatherers.
Seasonal fruits and berries/nuts would have be eaten, also grain, some roots and the meat would have come surrounded by the form of rabbit, deer, buffalo/bison, mammoth and possibly wild boar.
That would own been going on for it but all within all a intensely healthy and on the brink diet.
The proof that it was a vigorous and successful diet is in the certainty that we are here today.
Water and meat. And the occasional vegetable!


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